What People Say

“Dr. Nancy Coyne is a true professional who cares deeply about and for the inner spirit. Her compassion extends beyond people to her connection with nature and animals. Nancy is a lifelong learner who has approached her new area of knowledge with the same curiosity she has shown throughout her life.” William Barron


“Words cannot do justice to my experience, but I will try. I live in the corporate world, in the city where it is incredibly hard to keep your head in touch with your heart. That reconnection is what the Epona experience enables, plus so much more. When my horse Beauty, picked me (yes, I was selected by my horse rather than the other way around) it was an incredibly moving experience. To know that this beautiful, powerful, and noble animal actually wanted to work with me. I was being given a precious gift of trust – The other words I must use here are Authentic Community – such a rare find these days – which the incredible leaders Shelley, Nancy, and Debbie created together with the horses. Trust, Mutual Respect, Understanding, Support, and Connection, follow such authenticity. Fun and laughter do too of course! What a huge relief and weight off my shoulders to be in this authentic environment and to be free to be me. Accepted just the way I am. That is truly a rare gift, I wish everyone had the chance to experience it.” Sally

Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Retreat, 2014

“Nancy and Shelley bring both their passion and love for the horse, art, and human nature together in this wonderful workshop. The experience left me feeling more passionate about all of my future endeavors.” Sandra