About Nancy Coyne

Nancy Coyne, M.D.
Board certified Psychiatrist
Eponaquest Senior faculty, instructor

Nancy Coyne,M.D. is a psychiatrist whose work as a healer is informed by long experience as a psychotherapist, artist, yoga practitioner and lover of animals and of the outdoors. She utilizes creative process, movement and breath, EMDR, as well as talk therapy and medication in her practice.

She currently practices equine facilitated psychotherapy, working with people in concert with horses as healer/mentors. This work brings together her passion for creative process as a healing tool, connection with animals, and deep centering through breath, movement, and immersion in the natural world. The horses bring to the healing process their big hearts, their generous willingness to mirror and engage with humans and the power of their physical strength, compassion and presence. People often find their lives transformed by intensive 3-7 day workshop-retreats, learning new tools, finding inner resources, reclaiming the joy of childhood. Workshops are available at the home ranch in Arizona, in Maine and internationally (Costa Rica, Australia, Europe)



Contact Nancy Coyne, MD

phone: 207 751 7109
fax: 888 291 8288
email: ncoyne@gwi.net

mail address: PO Box 1250, Sonoita AZ 85637